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Happy Anniversary to Me! (1 Year Gluten-Free)

It has officially been one year with no gluten and I have never felt better! I felt it was time I give myself a small pat on the back for an accomplishment my old self never would’ve believed I could achieve. Seriously, I was a gluten addict but I broke the cycle.

Now that we have the mushy stuff out-of-the-way, I need to get back to business and set some new health and wellness goals. I like to evaluate and reevaluate every so often to see what progress I am making.  I have achieved a lot in the past year but I still have work to do. I continue to struggle with inflammation and need to keep improving my diet. Additionally, I need to start working out more consistently and pick up the intensity.

As you probably know, goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). I like to be held accountable with my goals, so I am making these goals very public. Also, goals should be about a positive change, as a supervisor once put it;

“If a dead person can do it, it is not a goal.”

Meaning, the goal should be something you work to do. A goal shouldn’t be something that you work to not do. You shouldn’t make a goal to eliminate a bunch of things from your diet. Why? If you did that, what would you eat? As my old supervisor would say, “Can a dead person eliminate food x, y, & z from their diet?” Yes, yes they can, as they are dead and do not eat anything.  Pretty easy to eliminate foods if you aren’t eating. A goal should be about some kind of actionable change, what you will do differently.

Anyway, I have A LOT of goals that I am working on and planning to work towards.

Diet Goals:
1. Completely replace coffee for white, green and oolong teas (which have anti-inflammatory properties) in the next two weeks. **If I can actually do this, it would be HUGE for me!**
2. Increase the amount of whole grains (quinoa, brown rice) and leafy greens in my diet while eliminating refined gluten-free flours and sugars (including fruit juice).
3. Use the correct oils for cooking (olive oil, palm oil, walnut oil) and avoid using all vegetable oils, margarines and peanut oil.
4. Increase the amount of beans, sprouts and nuts I eat to at least one serving per day except for soybeans, which should be kept to one serving per week and peanuts which should be completely avoided.
5. Increase the amount of non-starchy vegetables each day while eliminating corn from diet and decreasing potatoes to 3-4 servings per week and peas to once per week.
6. Increase the frequency of eating fish/seafood to once per week as well as taking an omega 3 supplement at least 2 days per week(I never take them now).
7. Drink at least 100 oz of water per day.

Wellness Goals:
1. Complete two moderate to intense workouts per week at least 45-60 minutes long.
2. Engage in 3 light yoga workouts per week, at least 25 minutes each.
3. Do something fun, out of the house each and every week with my husband.

Phew! These are all things I had in my head, once I put the goals on paper, it looks like a lot! However, I am working on most of these goals and am close to making quite a few of the diet goals permanent lifestyle changes.  However, I have A LOT of work to do in the exercise department.

Now that I have committed to these goals in writing, I can go back and evaluate and reevaluate my progress every so often to see how I am doing, pat myself on the back and/ or make changes.

What are some of your goals?

What are you currently working to improve in your life to make you more well?

What have you tried to do that hasn’t worked yet? (Yet being the operative word. . . it is always possible)