Downsizing: Design Inspiration for a Smaller Space

Design Inspiration

Our upcoming move into a new, smaller apartment will necessitate much purging and thoughtful design planning to achieve a cozy and chic looking space.  The new rental apartment is a two bedroom, one bath with a small sunroom.  The living/dining area is compact which will mean that every piece of furniture will need to be picked carefully to make sure that we don’t clutter the space.  Also, we are on a tight budget and can’t buy a whole slew of new furniture at one time so much of what we already own will need to be utilized in the space. 

What we own:

My grandfather is a master carpenter and has made me and my husband some wonderful pieces of furniture over the years.  Much of this furniture is almost as old as I am (let’s say decades) so it doesn’t necessarily reflect our current taste but it is an absolute treasure to own so many one of a kind things. For our wedding, my grandfather gifted us a handmade bar very similar to the Crate and Barrel bar pictured, which is always the star of our living/dining area.   

We are also working with plum colored Ikea curtains, that all-too-popular gray Ikea rug that everyone and their mother owns and a double drop-down dining table with four wood folding chairs for our living area. 

What we need to replace:

When we first were married, we were gifted almost all of our furniture.  The only thing we have purchased as a couple was our mattress.  Our couches, chairs, tables were all given to us. This was great at the time but most of our furniture does not reflect our taste. 

Our state to state move necessitated purging of many things including most of our old hand-me-down furniture.  We are left with a decent futon and an outdated media console, both of which we would like to replace ASAP.

We both really like the clean look of the Henry Queen Sleeper Sofa from West Elm in heathered grey and the look of the CB2 Smart Glass Side Tables.  However, just two side tables and one couch later, we would be out about $1600. I am always looking for a deal and thus will be scouring Craigslist for some gently used items.

Design Inspiration:

We both love clean lines and uncluttered but inviting spaces.  The design inspiration is a picture found on Pinterest but unfortunately does not link back to a specific page (I would love to see more of that room!).  We can’t paint our walls teal, but I do love the color palatte of this space.  Utilizing the curtains we already have, a pop of color from a Thresholds by Target swoop side chair and pillow covers made from fabric found at JoAnn’s, I may be able to acheive a similar look. 

However, this is my design inspiration.  Emphasis on “my”.  My husband loves black, red, and deep blue.  I love those colors too but I am ready for a change.  Sapphire blue was also another option but would have necessitated the buying of new curtains as well.  I need to convince my husband that this asthetic will not be too feminine. Now, how do I do that?

What do you think? Inviting and cozy? Too feminine?

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