Meal Planning Monday Week 4

ApplesEvery week I have the best intentions to cook each planned meal and every week I fail.  However, I did cook three of the planned meals from last week . . . not quite my goal of four but better than the previous week!  Hey, my husband offered to cook twice this week and I took him up on the offer (White Wine Garlic Shrimp and Corn Flake Crusted Walleye).

What I have found over the past few weeks is that meal planning is so incredibly helpful.  It takes me very little time to actually plan the meals for the week but it saves me so much time; less decision-making each day, easier to decide meals for work lunches and fewer trips to the grocery store.  (Thinking about how long my husband and I would mull over the dinner options each day prior to meal planning makes me giggle)

Meal Planning Week 4

My $50 grocery list for the week:

  • bananas
  • apples
  • oranges
  • raspberries (optional)
  • potatoes *
  • 1/2 lb top sirloin*
  • 1-3 pounds fresh boneless pork roast*
  • 3 lbs fresh or frozen chicken breasts*
  • package frozen bell peppers*
  • packed frozen peas and carrots*
  • white rice*
  • no high fructose corn syrup ketchup*
  • almonds

*For recipes


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