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When eating with or around people who are not familiar with my diet, almost infallibly people ask me “Why?”  Why do I eat what I do?

Typically, I give the short answer, I was born with a dairy allergy and have recently discovered that I do not tolerate gluten.  Additionally, drastically reducing my consumption of corn, soy, soda and processed foods and refined sugars makes me feel so much better.

I wish my answer was, “Because my husband told me it would improve my health.”  Unfortunately that is not the case.  He did tell me over and over again to improve my diet and quit eating gluten but I was in denial.  With a dairy allergy, I did not want to give up my favorite food group, gluten!  

It was like Stockholm Syndrome, I loved my gluten captor and thought gluten was good for me when that could not have been further from the truth.

 I went on eating gluten for years after I was advised by my husband to give it up. Big mistake.

How do I feel better? 

Great question! Thanks for asking. . .Prior to my dietary changes, I:

  • Was very overweight
  • Felt fatigued almost all of the time
  • Had difficulty sleeping
  • Frequently had GI problems (by frequently I mean almost every time I ate)
  • Had headaches, body aches
  • Experienced frequent eye infections, sinus infections and UTIs
  • Had reoccurring eczema each season
  • Experienced feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Frequently complained that I just was not “feeling well”

Since my dietary changes, ALL of these things have been completely eliminated or drastically improved.  I lost more than 40 lbs in less than 6 months and have kept (most of) it off.  The GI problems, sleep issues, fatigue, feelings of depression/anxiety, infections and eczema went away completely. I feel like a whole new person!

My first choice was to quit gluten.  After about only 2 weeks, I noticed drastic improvements in my health: more restful sleep, more energy, better mood and few headaches.  

Quitting gluten changed my life.  

There are not enough words to describe how much better I felt when I cut gluten from my diet.  Other key lifestyle changes included: reducing my intake of processed sugar/sugar in general and reducing my processed food consumption.

I believe that I will never go back to eating gluten.  I have learned that I feel too great without it. Additionally, I have realized how sensitive I am to processed sugar when I eat it now, something I never felt before my diet changes because my body was used to the massive quantities of sugar it was getting on a daily basis.

Now, maybe I should listen to my husband more often . . . Nah, we don’t want to do anything too out-there!


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