Sometimes I am a bit slow on the uptake and I am now just getting around to the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. 3.5 weeks late.  Maybe if I start late I will be less likely to break my resolution?  Anyway, I resolve to actually plan for meals each week, every week, starting . . . . . . . NOW!

I eat completely dairy free and gluten free.  I also avoid most soy, preservatives and packaged foods and limit my corn intake. The no-fun dietary restrictions can make meal planning difficult but not impossible.  However, I would like to be more mindful of what we eat each week as well as what we spend on food.  With a budget of $200 per month for groceries($46/week) for two to four people, planning for each and every meal is critical.

**FYI: I am not a chef. I have never pretended to be a chef and I never will pretend to be a chef.  I have to use other people’s recipes otherwise we would end up eating boiled potatoes and sunny-side up eggs FOREVER.  I have inserted links to each recipe that I utilized and also noted if I plan to make changes to the recipe.

Here it goes:


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