Clothes are like Wheat

Clothes are like Wheat

I am drowning in clothes. I go through my clothes, donate them and feel happy with creating more room in my closet. However, that extra space soon starts screaming “I am lonely, fill me up again!” At which time I begin to acquire more clothes until all that extra space I created is gone. However, what I find is that life is easier when I have (gasp!) less clothes. I can find clothes easier, I do more laundry more often but it is easier to put away. I can clearly see all of my clothes so I can put outfits together more easily. However, these benefits still don’t stop my clothes buying and hoarding.

Clothes are a lot like wheat. It is very easy to fill your kitchen with gluten containing foods but very hard to part with these items. Also, people may think that by eating foods that contain wheat, you have more choices which is true. However, wheat products cloud the senses and are only satisfying for a short time.  Eating a lot of wheat products is like buying cheap shoes, you very quickly are going back for more because what you just got was only satisfying for a short while. 

Also, with all of the gluten-filled choices that are in most kitchens, it is easy to pass up the healthier fruits, veggies and protein that you have (“I should probably wear a dress today but the sweatpants are soooo much easier.”). However, much like throwing out those ugly, ill-fitting clothes, once you clear out the gluten products from your kitchen, you will not have a choice but to pick the healthy options each and every time you are hungery.  Very quickly, you will realize that you feel so much better without the wheat and you will not miss it (much).


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