Health IS Wealth

After making my friends’ and family member’s ears bleed with my excessive talk about my diet and health, I was given an ultimatum: start going to a therapist or start blogging.  I obviously chose the latter with the hope that some nice, naïve person is willing to read it every now and again and so I will no longer fear that my family and friends will come after me with lawn tools [OK, so none of my family or friends are actually violent but I would not blame them if they thought about it once or twice. I mean, come on, I HAVE been super annoying].  Also, I figure that if I start throwing in the word “blog” into my conversation, those in my life may not even know that I am still talking about my diet and exercise [However, along with not being violent, my family and friends are not stupid, so this is very wishful thinking].

For the trillionth time, this has been what I have been doing to create a wealth of health:

  • Gluten hates me and wants me to be unhappy.  We broke up 4 months ago. It was a long, gruesome breakup but I will never go back . . .
  • I hate genetically modified foods and pesticides so no more corn and soy for me! [Well, there is the occasional cheat of organic corn tortilla chips but that is for a whole other therapy session, er, blog post.]
  • Dairy has decided to be my kryptonite since birth . . . it will always be this way and I have accepted it.
  • Beans, beans, beans . . . I like beans and I want them in my life, for now.  There may come a day when I decide to break up with beans, but for now they are in my life meaning that I do not follow the Paleo diet.
  •  I dislike the cost associated with clean eating and have wanted to challenge myself to eat cheap AND healthy.
  • Water is my best friend even though I would like to think alcohol and coffee are but just when you think they are there to support you, you find out they have been stabbing you in the back all along [even in moderation] . . .

So, that is it.  Not hard right? Right.

These highlights were the foundation for a 40+ lb weight loss for me in less than 4 months. I would tell you all of the reasons why this is truly amazing but I am not ready for complete strangers to start running after me with lawn tools.

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